• The Name of the Wind/The Wise Mens Fear – The KingKiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss – Dont read if you only want a finished trilogy, but believe in Rothfuss, book 3 will one day be released.
  • Basically anything by Brandon Sanderson – Mistborn is fantasy staple, Way of Kings can be slightly harder to get into, but Sanderson is the king of Worldbuilding and he churns out books so there will always be more to read.
  • Assassins Apprentice – The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb – The main character Fitz will emotionally drain you in the best way, Ive never felt more genuine feelings for a character before, Hobb is the Queen of fantasy and every SFF lover should read this series.
  • Eragon – The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini – If you havent read this and instead base your views of that one shit film that came out, do yourself a favour and read it. Eragon is the book that cemented the fantasy genre as the one for me, and if that isnt enough, its got dragons!
  • Of Blood and Fire – The Bound and the Broken by Ryan Cahill – If you loved Eragon and want that nostaglic hit then this is the series for you. Fantastic writing and self published to boot, if youre a dragon lover this is a necessaty.